Ann Bancroft - Sheffield Life Coach
Ann Bancroft
Sheffield Life Coach


I have many examples of clients who have made the, sometimes difficult, but always important decision to discuss their future with me. Each one has come away with a new perspective and more self esteem than when I first met them.

I have included some of the letters I have received with the kind permission of those involved. No-one is under any obligation to write me a letter or be so brave as to let others see what has happened in their life. I am grateful for those people who have given me their permission, and just as grateful for those who have not. This is about what you make of your life not what others may get out of it.

Please do read what others have found out about themselves, and ask yourself would you like to know more? It could change your life too.



"The term ‘life-changing’ gets used a lot but that’s exactly what meeting Ann was like. I turned up whilst both my ankle and career were broken. Although the ankle took time and a cast to heal, Ann helped me to find a rewarding career in which I now feel more happy and confident than I ever have before. From the first 10 minutes of our free taster session, Ann had already realised what makes me tick. Because these people skills are matched by Ann's practical knowledge, we were then able to work through various options of how to work towards my career goals. Once I had completed the training which Ann had suggested and I was ready to embark on my new career, a top-up session proved very useful indeed in enabling me to begin this new chapter of my life. At the risk of sounding fawning, I am eternally grateful for the work Ann and I did together. Thank you!"



"Ann has turned round and transformed my life. Although on the outside everything might have looked fine inside I was in considerable turmoil, putting myself constantly under pressure with no idea why or what had caused it. The conversations with Ann immediately identified the cause from many years ago and allowed me to deal with unresolved issues I was totally unaware of and get on with the rest of my life. I just wish I could have done this sooner and not waited until I was 68! Thank you Ann."


Sue - Photographer

"When I first met Ann, I was living inside a bubble (metaphorically speaking), of which I could only view the outside world with sadness, from within. I could see how it could be, I saw how happy people's lives were, but I would never allow myself that same gift of liking myself to know that others could love me. Nobody noticed my suffering apart from Ann. She was the only person who really heard, understood and saw what was really driving' me.

Through my sessions with Ann, she was able to help me gain access to the tools I needed to combat specific issues. Issues I thought were all dead and buried, but clearly they weren't. I didn't realise that the patterns of my emotions drove my relationships. Ann gently, with amazing analogies, and with composure and understanding, brought me out of my bubble and got me through some very challenging times. Had it not have been for Ann, I wouldn't be where I am today. She allowed me the time to explore my life, what had shaped it, and how to create a positive environment and a framework which helped me identify, rectify and make changes to my life, to enable me to feel happy and fulfilled.

Ann is very kind, understanding, knowledgeable, but most important of all, I never felt like I was with a professional, it felt more like I was talking to a friend. She made me view things from a very different perspective in a very unobtrusive way, and I owe everything I am to her. I am happier now than I have ever been and that is purely down to Ann. She is one true gem and one that will always be close to my heart."


Mispha Kaiser - Accountant

".....the fear I felt was overwhelming.....A safe place’ are the words that I would use to describe my experience...... a place where I could stop pretending all was well and simply be me ......I wasn’t being thought of badly or judged for feeling the way I did....

There’s nothing scarier than taking the first step towards asking somebody to help you deal with a really difficult, personal situation; finding the right person is essential. Ann in my opinion and experience is definitely that person.

The emotions tossing within me as I stood outside the door entering my first appointment were indescribable, the fear I felt was overwhelming. Ann knew this, she must have as the first thing she did when she opened the door was to put me at ease.

‘A safe place’ are the words that I would use to describe my experience. I was and still am very aware of the fact that Ann made sure each appointment was one that allowed me to relax and be able to speak freely about anything and everything on my mind.

Being a shy person I find it difficult opening up to people and yet I didn’t seem to have a problem with Ann, and that’s purely down to the person she is and what she contributes to each session.

For me this was a place where I could stop pretending all was well and simply be me, dealing with issues until the real me inside that room became once again the real me out in the open.

I found a freedom to cry and speak honestly about issues that were really painful knowing that I wasn’t being thought of badly or judged for feeling the way I did, this was really important as these were the concerns that prevented me from seeking help earlier. There was constant encouragement along the way. Ann provided me with excellent guidance and words of wisdom that I find myself carrying into all sorts of situations today allowing me to deal with things in a better manner than I would have in the past. I have been left amazed on numerous occasions by the insight that Ann has; an insight that has allowed her to help me deal with almost impossible situations.

What I found in Ann was a sincere concern for me and desire to help me get my life back on track, living it to the full. She’s a great listener, and a true carer. It’s her countless qualities of listening, caring, encouraging and understanding that makes you realise not only do you not want to but that you don’t have to hold back from her, you can trust Ann, be real and open with her and its this openness that is one of the first steps to ‘freedom’. It this careful mix of openness, together with good guidance and advice, help and understanding, patience whilst still receiving encouragement to keep moving that I feel helped me achieve so much in so little time, a mix that I feel Ann has.

I found Ann to be instrumental in my journey on the road to recovery. I’m glad her number was the one that I rang. Finding the same depth of care, concern, wisdom, guidance and help in any one person is not easy and yet essential.

I struggled for many years but with Ann’s help and guidance I found myself smiling and laughing within months. I’m glad I had her to help me during that difficult time, I’m glad I know there’s help available if I need it.

If I was asked to recommend a life-coach to anybody it would be Ann, without a shadow of doubt."


J.D. - Sales Director

"I have been receiving life coaching sessions from Ann Bancroft for over 4 years now and during that time my life has been transformed beyond recognition. I view the money invested in Ann multiplied many times over in results achieved.

Before I met Ann I was struggling with life controlling issues as well as work related challenges - Ann has helped in both these areas in a remarkable way.

During my career I have worked in various high level sales and marketing positions and have been trained in world class motivational and self help programs. I have attended many courses and workshops with some of the top motivational speakers in locations across the world.

With all this training I thought I had heard it all and yet when I met Ann I realized two very important things. Firstly that one to one coaching is better than anything you can ever achieve attending seminars or listening to CDs. Secondly the accountability and personalized target setting cannot be achieved on your own.

Ann has the natural ability to listen and identify the key issues to be addressed then through the skills she has developed she plots the path to success. Together you work through the challenges you face whether work or life related.

The regular meetings give a focus to the targets which have been set and this leads to progress which couldn’t be achieved without a coach like Ann.

I am in a much better place than I was a few years ago. I am more organised, motivated, positive and above all much happier and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Ann."


K. How - Doctor

"When I first saw Ann, I was suffering from clinical depression. My work as a doctor was getting me down: the anti-social hours and not being able to see friends and not being able to do the things I wanted to do; the fear of uncertainty and of making mistakes.

Working with Ann, I realised that I was not living the life I wanted, was not doing a job that I was passionate about (I was a trainee in Emergency Medicine, working in the NHS). She was the first person to enable me to see that it was okay to not be a doctor, and that to be happy I needed to do the things that I wanted to do. I have also learned that making mistakes and coping with uncertainty are essential elements in learning.

Ann has enabled me to improve my self-awareness and define what I really want out of life. I have rebalanced my “whole-life balance”: I still work in the medical sector, albeit on a part-time basis, but I’m also doing things that I am passionate about – I am a Territorial Army officer, I enjoy doing sport, I enjoy reading non-medical books... Far from the “eat, sleep, work” life I was living prior to seeing Ann.

In essence, Ann has helped me “back from the abyss” and has helped me to get my life back."