Ann Bancroft - Sheffield Life Coach
Ann Bancroft
Sheffield Life Coach

About Me

I have personally been involved in helping people for over 25 years, both voluntarily and professionally. I have taught at many leadership schools and programmes in America, India, South Africa, Namibia, The Philippines and Eastern Europe.

My ultimate passion is to be able to equip those who can’t afford professional fees in the third world to be empowered to reach more of their full potential.

I have been married for over 40 years and have three grown up children. I have previously worked as a partner with my husband in our family business, worked in a hospice and I have had the pleasure of fostering over 50 children in my life. I have been involved in counselling for 20 years and set up my life coaching business in November 2005. The type of clients I have include solicitors, accountants, many small business owners, company executives, housewives, builders, doctors, architects, teachers, single parents and those struggling with addictions.

When I meet clients for the first time I see that person packed full of potential and am aware that they may only be reaching 10- 30% of that potential and I want to help them to reach their full capacity. I also believe that people have the answers within themselves to questions in their life but because people can’t always be objective they cannot always see the way though. I am an objective listening ear and seeing eye, having spent time listening to my clients I can present to them their options so that they can choose for themselves the way forward that they feel comfortable with. For example how people view apparent failure can be very destructive. I help people see their mistakes as learning curves and use them as building blocks in their lives.

In today’s world people don’t really listen to each other, they are too busy formulating their response rather than really listening to what is being said. Active listening is very much a part of being a life coach . To listen to what is being said and what is not being said and presenting back to the client what I hear. In today’s climate many people are going through change that they didn’t expect and could not have planned for and I am able to help people to transition well.